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What is a Bubble Tent?

Camping is a wonderful experience and a great way to feel connected to the outdoor world around you. A bubble tent is a unique way to experience camping. From inside the inflatable dome, you will be protected from insects and the weather, while being able to see everything. It is like sleeping in the open air.

How does the bubble tent work?

Bubble tents are made from PVC and PVC tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is typically around 0.9mm thick. One of the most important benefits of a bubble tent is they are totally waterproof. Typically with a tent, you have to put some kind of a cover, like a tarp, over the top to make sure you are protected from the elements. The material of a bubble tent make it totally waterproof, as well as fire retardant.

When you purchase one of these blow up tents, you will receive an electric pump. You connect the pump to the bubble tent, and it inflates within 10 to 15 minutes. From this point, you have to run the pump periodically or continually in order to keep the air circulation flowing.

What about the heating of Summer or cold winter ?

1 – All bubble tents are large enough and have powerfull AC and heating unit inside. This is great for those hot (or cold) evenings!

2 – All bubble tents have an extra canvas from the outside that covers all the dome with an easy mechanisn of ropes

3 – The pvc material protect against the UV rays.

4 – There is fresh air pumping inside continuously with a silent blower and there is also window that allow gases etc to pass out.

5 – There are also curtains around the bed that make shadow .

6 – The bubble tents are set between a forest of olive trees that creates natural shadow from the sun in morning

Do i have Privacy ?

1 – The bubble tents are set in a private space where there are olive trees with fence.

2 – The bubble tents are set individual one from each other . That means each one has its own parking , its has its own fence .

3 – Each tent has lock in the entrance door and a key is given to the owner of the tent .

4 – There are also curtains all the around the bed that keeps the place absolutely private .

5 All bubble tents have an extra canvas from the outside that covers all the dome with an easy mechanisn of ropes , so noboby can see inside .

What does a bubble tent have incide?

There are 3 rooms inside the bubble tent . Τhe main bedroom where there is a king size bed with a sitting area of two chairs and a table. The bathroom that has a wc , the shower with hot water and a sink with fresh drinkable water . The entrance room has a refrigerator and a wardrobe .

How does the tent keep its shape and stay erected?

A quiet air inflation system is used to maintain the proper volume of the static pressure needed to keep its shape.

Do both the tent and components meet safety standards?

Yes, our tents are safe to use with the public under normal circumstances . All safety standards should be followed by the rentee(s) of the Bubble Tent.

What is the air quality like?

You receive freshly circulated air within each unit, the air inflation system replaces the total air volume 6-7 times per hour

What sizes do the Bubble Tents come in?

The total size is about 25 sq m. The main dome is 5 m width , the bathroom dome is 3 m with and the entcance is 2.5 , width

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